Pioneers in Innovation & History in Technological Advancements

EUROBEND is a leading European manufacturing company

Our strong R&D department, resources and flexibility aim at developing innovative products, continuing our tradition in enhancing technology in response to the increasingly sophisticated demands of industry, opening new frontiers.

We relish the challenge of a complicated problem and the satisfaction of its solution, which comes as much from the deductive process as from the “eureka” moment at the end.

Our team dynamics and collective commitment to deal with challenges posed have made us pioneers in seeking and finding simple and efficient solutions provided to meet user’s specific needs, in which an awareness of user-friendliness, simple programming, high quality manufacturing and easy maintenance combined, make our products popular.

We have always preserved a forward-thinking mentality, being inspired by the challenges posed.

We have proven to have an aptitude for efficient problem solving that has expanded our global presence, via the plethora of machine types developed and produced.


Our Competitive Advantages

  • Pioneers in innovation
  • Advanced engineering/automation
  • Strict international quality standards followed
  • Modular - optimized design
  • Of paramount importance: complete satisfaction of client
  • High quality components (renowned brand names) used
  • Superior final product, commercial value for customer
  • Simple operation
  • High productivity of equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Effective after sales-service support
  • Ability of accommodating special requirements
  • Quality Control Department constantly assessing all manufacturing procedures

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