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EUROBEND GmbH - KEEP SAFE, (27/03/2020)
Dear colleagues, partners, collaborators
We are all currently facing a dramatic
situation that has never been encountered before.

The extensive and dynamic spread 
of Covid-19 
requires the world and ourselves to all be disciplined
and abide by the precautionary rules, for the sake of all humanity.
We are taking all the necessary measures to ensure our business continuity
while contributing to the global effort to contain the outbreak.
We are  adhering to all  measures  of our local government 
to minimize any risks to our employees and  business partners.

In Parallel, we wish to be by your side
for any issues regarding any kind of support we may provide you.

We must all come out stronger through this turmoil affecting us all
and be ready for future business challenges.

Keep safe

The Eurobend Team