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EUROBEND GmbH, offers solutions for every precast company, regardless of size and application, with
innovative and well established machines for the production of standard and customised precast elements
and wall panel reinforcements.  
The EUROBEND machines, equipped with high-technology features, sophisticated electronics, computer
software and hardware with a unique redundant memory system for eliminating the possibility of production
down times due to hard disk defects or data losses and an interface for exchanging production data using
various industrial formats (such “BVBS”, “UNITECHNIK” etc.) are easy to operate and due to the thoughtful
modular design easy to maintain.

The recent installation that took place at Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV in Markello (near Amsterdam, Holland)
includes a flexible mesh welding line (PL XY Series)  together with a rotor straightening & cutting machine
(MELC Flexi Series) and a lattice girder machine (PL TRIS Series)

Mesh Production - The PL X-Y Series:

The production of standard, customized mesh and special mesh with openings is now covered for
Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV, by the unique high-end CNC programmable mesh welding line PL XY Twin
working from pre-cut bars (patent).


It produces mesh with maximum diameter up to Ø16mm for both, line and cross wires. The PL XY is equipped
with two multi-point moving welding blocks, achieving up to 400 welding points per minute. Any mesh can be
produced instantly, one type after the other, without any adjustments, as everything is controlled by the machine’s
computer program.
The line wires are fed manually into pre-selected grippers who are mounted on a carrier. The carrier inserts
automatically the line wires into the welding machine and returns to the start-up position for reloading, while the
machine welds the mesh. Each gripper is equipped with a led-light indicator, facilitating the line-wire feeding.
This system eliminates practically the idle time between two meshes produced.
A secondary feeding system on the line wire carrier enables the production of mesh with variable line wire lengths
within the same (material saving mesh) or mesh with openings.
The cross wires are fed into the welding line automatically from a cross wire feeder. A secondary cross wire feeding
and positioning system enables the production of mesh with variable cross wire lengths and mesh with openings.
In this case, a second auxiliary display facilitates the feeding of the special cross wire lengths.


The produced mesh is removed automatically through a mesh stacking and roller conveyor system.
Mesh preparation
1. Production of the pre-cut bars
In addition to the existing large number of single and multi line rotor straightening & cutting machines, type
MELC MONOLINE and MELC POLY LINE, Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV  choose again another MELC Rotor
Streightening & cutting machine to accompany the new PL XY mesh welding line and produce all bars required by
the welder. Placed next to the new PL XY mesh welding line, an independently operated multi rotor straightening
and cutting machine of the MELC Flexiline series using EUROBEND’s 4G rotor with hyperbolically profiled rollers
and our patented convergence guiding system ensure perfect straightening and length accuracies. All diameter
changes are achieved in 2-3 seconds without any moving mechanical parts, producing ‘just-in-time’ or according to
the day’s production schedule the needed pre-cut bars in the requested diameters.


The extremely fast diameter changing system offers the unique possibility to produce one after the other the pre-cut
bars for each mesh in a batch.
Thus the material handling, storage and logistics issues are simplified guarantying personnel and investment savings.
The combination of the unmatched flexibility offered by the PL XY Twin welding machine, together with the
straightening superiority and the diameter changes within seconds of the MELC FLEXILINE Rotor Straightening
& Cutting machine, is the most efficient and flexible solution for Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV for their production
of standard and customized mesh and mesh with openings for all their pre-cast customers.
2. Production of Lattice girders
The “PL-TRIS” Series of Lattice Girder welding lines installed at Holterman Wapeningsstaal BV can produce most
types and sizes of Lattice Girders and offer reliable and cost-effective production. This is a high output machine
version, as it features ‘double welding step’ and it is equipped with powered de-coiling stations for line and diagonal
wires with tension detector and wire loop accumulators, ensuring always smooth and accurate feeding of wires.

Each straightening section for both line and cross wires employs advanced, easily adjustable roller straightening
devices with patented product self-leveling anti-twist rollers. The unique double-step continuous bending system,
with retractable bending pins for the two diagonal wires, ensures accurate and consistent operation.

Our flexible welding head design and electrically-driven height adjustment mechanism ensure accurate production
of various lattice guirder sizes. A set of hydraulic clamping units, mounted on a servomotor-driven carrier, ensure
also accurate feeding of wires during the production process. The high speed cutting operation together with the
synchronized and fully automatic stacking and batch removal guarantee the continuous production of high quality
lattice girders.