Continuous Spiral benders

The SPIRAL and RINGOMAT SERIES for Coil Re-Bar processing are CNC Straightening, bending and cutting machines producing concrete reinforcing stirrups in a continuous, multi-layer(spiral) form.

Our Spiral benders series includes:

  • SPIRAL SE: Automatic production of simple or combined stirrup shapes;
  • SPIRAL SP: Fast, Accurate and reliable production of simple (rectangular) stirrup shapes;
  • RINGOMAT: Automatic production of round (circular) stirrup shapes.

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High-volume production of circular ring and spiral reinforcement stirrups from coil

  • Employing a three-roller ring-forming device with two adjustable rollers
  • Cutter located after last bending roller, ensuring no straight section left
  • Even distribution of feeding force
  • Diameter ranges up to 12mm and 16mm (#4 & #5)

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