Automatic Stirrup Benders

The G-STAR Series for coiled Re-Bar processing is a wide range of two & three axis re-bar benders designed to meet a vast range of concrete reinforcing applications, processing up to Ø20 (#6) re-bar, with twin re-bar simultaneous processing capabilities:

  • G-STAR SE: Fast, accurate and reliable with minimum maintenance;
  • G-STAR ECO: Economical solution for automatic stirrup bending;
  • G-STAR TRIS: Unique 2-D and 3-D stirrup bending;
  • G-STAR SYNTHETON SERIES: Flexible re-bar bending systems from coil;
  • G-STAR SP: Unique 3-D for the production of continuity systems;
  • G-STAR 8R: For small diameters (up to Ø8mm) coils

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Cost effective stirrup production from coil

  • Servo-motor driven, for heavy duty continuous operation
  • High production output due to retractable bending pin and cutting without reversing
  • Excellent straightening without re-bar marking
  • Fast diameter changes thanks to the “Hexagon Shaft Pre-setting System”
  • Adjustable counter-torsion system
  • Diameter ranges up to 10, 12, 14 & 16mm (#3-#5)

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