Straightening and Cutting

The MELC Straightening and Cutting machines are designed for heavy duty continuous operation in the construction industry using the unique hyperbolic roller straightening and feeding system.

The MELC machines are divided in four main categories:

  • MELC POLY-LINE: High output, multi-line; from 2 to 6 independently and simultaneously working lines;
  • MELC FLEXI-LINE: Flexible, multi-line; from 2 to 6 automatically interchangeable lines;
  • MELC MONO-LINE: Single-line straightening and cutting machine;
  • M-ROLL: Single-line, high-speed, multi roller.

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Roller straightening and cutting machines

  • A complete range of high-speed re-bar roller straightening and cutting machines for heavy duty continuous operation
  • Available with hydraulic or high speed servo-motor drives
  • Fast and accurate diameter change-over due to preset system
  • Double re-bar processing capabilities
  • Ranges up to 12 &16mm (#3-#5)

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