Straightening and Cutting

Straightening and Cutting machines designed for heavy duty continuous operation within the wire industry using the unique hyperbolic roller straightening and feeding system

For Round Wire:

  • MELC POLY-LINE NC & MS SERIES: High output, multi-line from 2 to 6 independently and simultaneously working lines;
  • MELC MONO-LINE NC & MS SERIES: Single-line straightening and cutting machine;

For Flat Wire:

  • M-ROLL L SERIES: Single-line, high-speed, multi roller flat wire straightening machine


Wire straightening & cutting machine
  • Single line straightening machines using our 4th generation hyperbolic roller straightening and feeding system
  • Flying shear cutter ensuring uninterrupted operation minimizing wire marking and maximizing roller life
  • Anti-twist twin-roller system (patented) guaranteeing the torsion-free production of wires during the straightening process
  • Machines ranges from 2mm up to 30mm
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